Empower youth to make positive changes.


Our curricula give youth a voice in their treatment

Young participants who journal develop skills to guide them through their change process, and more than 60 percent still refer to their Journals six months after formal programming has ended. Our curricula is used in both juvenile justice and adolescent treatment settings.

Substance Use CBT Reentry Education Employment
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Assessment tools

Assessment tools are available for all of our justice services-related journals. They ensure you can clearly measure participant progress using:

  • Pre- and post- tests
  • Digital surveys
  • Industry-standard clinical resources
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Facilitator Guides

Be prepared for every session with Facilitator Guides. They add structure to your programming with evidence-based techniques on every page.

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Case Study

Campus Kilpatrick


Here goes a brief summary of the story.


If I were to sum up all the responses I’m getting, [it’s] that we’re slowly getting these youth that have come to us with a lifetime of trauma to see some things differently. That helps change, or it helps make better decisions in their eyes.
Albert Banuelos
Probation Director
Campus Kilpatrick