Reduce recidivism with pen and paper.


Our curricula align with risk/needs/assessments

We develop behavior change curricula for criminal justice clients working to change criminal and substance use behaviors. Journals cover topics like relationships, criminogenic factors, or mental health disorders and are designed to provide a cohesive curricula based intensity of treatment.

Substance Use CBT Reentry Trauma Informed Employment Relationships Gender Responsive
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Assessment tools

Assessment tools are available for all of our justice services-related journals. They ensure you can clearly measure participant progress using:

  • Pre- and post- tests
  • Digital surveys
  • Industry-standard clinical resources
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Case Study

El Reno Federal Prison


The El Reno facility needed a cognitive-behavioral and evidence-based programming tool to drive therapeutic treatment. Substance use disorders were prevalent and inmates needed specific curricula to target addiction and co-occurring disorders.


The Breaking The Cycle Interactive Journaling® curriculum was introduced along with group treatment settings advised by The Change Companies.

[It’s] inspiring if they’re utilizing this opportunity to learn what makes them better people. It definitely gives them an opportunity to challenge their thinking and most of them find out that they like challenging their thinking.
Lance Reynolds
Drug Treatment Specialist
El Reno Federal Prison