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We recognize that people respond positively to empathy, respect and optimism. Interactive Journaling® is a proven solution to improve participants’ knowledge and attitudes, increase personal responsibility and decrease recidivism. We apply leading change theory throughout our curricula to help people make lasting change.

A proven resource for DUI programs

Interactive Journaling® has been used to improve participant engagement and drive positive behavior change in impaired driving programs for over 20 years.

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Case Study

Indianapolis DUI The Flex Modules


Brenda Gardner was finding discouraging recidivism rates and a lack of victim awareness among program participants in the Indianapolis DUI program. Participants struggled with traditional journaling exercises.


The program found that Interactive Journals relieved participant hesitancy to engage with journaling.

As we discussed each section of the Journal, he talked more about the feelings that came up as he wrote the answer. He told me these guided books are the only way he could have done this. He said, ‘I don’t like to look inside myself, but I did look inside myself with these Journals.’
Brenda Gardner
EAP CD Specialist/DUI
St. Francis Hospital

Customize to your state

Customization provides the opportunity to include laws, penalties, statistics and other information unique to your state.

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