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Interactive Journals guide participants toward positive life change. We provide practical resources that motivate participants and support facilitators with the evidence-based practice of Interactive Journaling®.

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Every journal guides participants on their path toward behavior change

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I've been in this field for 18 years, and when I first saw My Personal Journal I just loved it! The Change Companies® was very helpful and made it easy to access. We love it because it covers every major area of treatment that we try to cover. We have developed our treatment plan around it. It makes it easy to do charting and when JCAHO and CARF come in, they just think it's great - everything is so clearly documented.
For the past several years I have engaged The Change Companies® in selecting and creating Interactive Journals for several criminal justice populations. Through journaling, clients are better prepared to discuss topics in group and individual settings. It's an economical way of extending the treatment process while giving each client a point of reference for ongoing change.

Interactive Journaling® is an evidence-based solution

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