Empower youth to make positive changes

Our curricula give youth a voice in their treatment

Young participants who journal develop skills to guide them through their change process, and more than 60 percent still refer to their Journals six months after formal programming has ended. Our curricula are used in both juvenile justice and adolescent treatment settings.

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Curriculum In Action

Forward Thinking


In a pre-post outcomes assessment, 36 justice-involved youth engaged in the Forward Thinking Interactive Journaling® curriculum, with staff receiving the comprehensive Interactive Journaling® training in advance of implementation. Participants completed the curriculum’s seven Interactive Journals and were administered a pre-post assessment that measured comprehension of curriculum topics and cognitive-behavioral skill acquisition.


  • 100% of completed surveys showed improvements, with an average 23% improvement across Journals
  • 75% of Juvenile Community Corrections Officers identified that the Journals were directly linked to case plan achievement
  • 100% identified that they will utilize the skills learned in program facilitation in their ongoing cases
  • 100% identified that they agree the specific Journals positively impacted the youth
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