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We recognize that people respond positively to empathy, respect and optimism. Interactive Journaling® is a proven solution to improve participants’ knowledge and attitudes, increase personal responsibility and decrease recidivism. We apply leading change theory throughout our curricula to help people make lasting change.

A proven resource for DUI programs

Interactive Journaling® has been used to improve participant engagement and drive positive behavior change in impaired driving programs for over 20 years.

  • State-tailored Curricula
  • Responsible Decisions and Flex Modules
  • None
Curriculum In Action
Customized Impaired Driving Curriculum


In a pre-post survey conducted with 872 DUI and DWI offenders in the state of Oklahoma, participants showed significant improvement after completing the course.


  • 94.7% of participants said the program would help them change their drinking behaviors
  • 88.4% intended to keep their Journals following course completion
  • 80.2% of respondents reported sharing the information from their Journals with others or intending to do so in the future
  • Participants reported that the most useful components of the Journals were the pages that allowed them to develop plans for change and set goals for the future
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Customize to your state

Customization provides the opportunity to include laws, penalties, statistics and other information unique to your state.

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