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Behavioral health experts nationwide are choosing to use Interactive Journaling® curricula in their behavior change programs.

Do more good with your programs

Our curricula are developed as comprehensive systems to lead your participants toward positive behavior change. Read about how our other resources support Interactive Journaling® as a practice.

Interactive Journals

Use expressive writing, motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral therapy to guide participants toward positive life change.

Facilitator Guides

Provide structure across sites and give facilitators the tools they need for successful program implementation.

Video Support

Builds connection and engagement through stories, examples and conversation starters.

Clinical Assessments

Help with placement and fidelity while aligning with industry standards like DSM-5 and The ASAM Criteria.

Curriculum Specific Training

Teach new facilitators or brush up your skillset by attending an in-person or virtual training with our curriculum experts.

Materials offered in Spanish

Break language barriers with our translated materials.