Motivate healthy behaviors with personalized curricula.


Our curricula are built for everyday change.

The decisions people make on a daily basis have a cumulative effect on their health. Our resources support individuals in making small or large changes in their daily behaviors to improve their overall health and well-being. These resources are used to improve health and wellness outcomes in educational, healthcare and therapeutic settings.

Mental Health Aging Relationships Substance Use? Diet Lifestyle?
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Assessment tools

Assessment tools are available for all of our justice services-related journals. They ensure you can clearly measure participant progress using:

  • Pre- and post- tests
  • Digital surveys
  • Industry-standard clinical resources
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Facilitator Guides

Be prepared for every session with Facilitator Guides. They add to structure your programming with evidence-based techniques on every page.

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Interactive Journaling® is a superb tool. Putting a pencil to paper in a focused and structured manner lessens denial, heightens insight and facilitates problem solving. No one understands this concept and offers a better tool than The Change Companies.
Claudia Black
Ph.D. Addiction Specialist
Author of It Will Never Happen to Me