Support recovery with curricula they can bring home.


Our curricula individualizes treatment across the continuum of care

Journaling resources allow you to tailor program delivery to the specific needs of your treatment clients, even when staff resources are limited. Our evidence-based treatment curricula are used in inpatient and outpatient treatment, group and one-to-one therapy, and in different cultural and special population settings.

Substance Use CBT Reentry Trauma Informed Employment Relationships Gender Responsive
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Assessment tools

Assessment tools are available for all of our justice services-related journals. They ensure you can clearly measure participant progress using:

  • Pre- and post- tests
  • Digital surveys
  • Industry-standard clinical resources
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We have had a lot of positive feedback from the officers, as well as the clients, on the journaling system...our clients are actually looking at their future instead of just living moment to moment or day to day. They are really thinking about what they are doing and are able to put together that what they have been doing is NOT working and it is time for a change in thinking.
Claudia Black
Ph.D. Addiction Specialist
Author of It Will Never Happen to Me